Water Damage Cleanup in Indianapolis

Most people who suffer from water damage may have heard some common misconceptions on how to handle water damage cleanup in Indianapolis. On Time Restoration is here to help clear up those misconceptions.

#1 Call My Insurance First Thing

We do not recommend contacting your insurance company before contacting a water damage clean up professional. You thought you needed a claim number in order to begin the process? Nope, you need the water out and the loss contained. The insurance claim process can be dealt with later. You don’t have time to wait around to hear back from your insurer with a claim number. It just means a lot more water damage and ultimately more costs, so they want you to get the work done as quickly as possible!

#2: I Will Let It Dry out on Its Own

Water can be sneaky and will find its way into more dry areas, such as furniture, drywall, under flooring and into ceilings. The longer water sits the greater the damage will be. If left for over 24 hours, depending on environmental conditions, mold can start to grow along with bacteria.

#3 I Will Just Use My Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet/dry vacuums have so many great uses, but cleaning-up standing water should not be one of them. Especially in a carpeted area, there will not be sufficient suction to remove all the moisture and prevent additional problems.

#4 The Water Dried Up Quickly, So Everything Must Be Fine

We always stress that many water damaged areas are in places that cannot be seen. The source of the water may have been leaking for some time, possibly into wall or ceiling cavities. We use moisture meters and thermal cameras to detect moisture in areas you cannot see.

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