Recovering from Storm Damage in Carmel

storm damage carmelSevere storms can cause significant damage to our homes and businesses. From heavy winds that can topple trees, damage roofs and send debris airborne, to heavy rains that can cause flooding, to lightning that can cause fires, our property might be in need of some repair after a strong storm rolls through Carmel.

Knowing who to call in an emergency storm damage situation can help you get your home back to normal more quickly. After severe storms, resources may sometimes be limited, and if your property damage is significant or leaves your home exposed and at risk of additional damages, you want to be sure to be at the top of the list.

Fire and Water Damage After a Severe Storm

Storm damage encompasses several types of damage including water damage and fire damage. Both of these are possible after a storm, though water damage is more common. With either type of storm damage, it’s important to put your safety first. Make sure the electricity is turned off to your home before entering, and keep an eye out for other hazards including ruptured gas lines, rodents or pests, and structural concerns.

If your home was damaged in a fire, make sure to receive clearance from the fire department before you enter your home. A fire damage restoration professional can also work with the fire department to get access to begin restoring your property.

Storm Damage Cleanup in Carmel

Protecting your property from further damage while addressing immediate needs after your home has suffered storm damage is the top priority for any storm damage restoration company. If your roof was damaged by wind or hail or fire, it should be protected to prevent water from entering the home. Likewise, if you have a broken window or door, those should be boarded up to protect your property from the elements and from vandalism or theft.

On Time Restoration provides emergency storm damage services in Carmel and the greater Indianapolis area. Our team has the specialized training and skills needed to restore your property after a disaster, returning it back to normal quickly so you can get back to normal, too. Contact On Time Restoration today to learn more about our storm damage services.