Danger: Ice Dam

Good Cold Afternoon Central Indiana,

It appears we are approaching the end of this latest cold snap! As appreciative as I know we all are to see more 40* days in the near future we have a lingering concern. We have had 2-6″ of frozen precipitation over the last week. We have seen sleet, freezing rain and snow. This has not only covered your streets and driveways, it has also covered the roof of your home.

During extreme cold, we often remind you of the dangers of frozen pipes, but in the coming days the biggest concern homeowners should have is the potential for ICE DAMS to form. This is something you don’t usually notice until it is too late.

The day time temperatures and sunny forecast will help the roof temperature to rise. As the water from the snow and ice melt, they will find the path of least resistance. This can often mean backing up under the roofing materials. When monitoring the snow melt off of your roof, make sure you are watching for build ups of large amounts of ice in the valleys and around the eaves of your home. Once the sun goes down, this melting will stop and all of this water will refreeze. The above illustration shows just how ice damming can cause interior damage to your home. It is never a good idea to get on your roof when it is wet, or frozen but there is a safe way to help prevent these dams from forming. From the ground, use a rake to pull the snow down from around the eaves and valleys. This will make sure that as the water flows from higher areas on the roof there is a clearer path to take to the gutters and will promote an appropriate path. Another simple step in prevention is to seal attic bypass areas in your home keep the interior heat from rising. Attic bypass areas could include :gaps in drywall, loose bricks, inadequate sealed attic entrances and cracks around light fixtures.

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